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Rachel - Founding Smurf Community Member

Welcome to Blue Cavern

Home of the Smurf Community and an online smurf collector's resource. The Smurf Community has members from all over the world, young and old alike, some have many smurfs, others are new to smurf collecting or have only recently restarted their smurf collections but all have one thing in common - their love of SMURFS.

Here at Blue Cavern you will find the Smurf Community Forum but you can also see plenty of smurf pictures in the gallery and find links to the websites of the members of the Smurf Community. Membership is free and recommended as not all the forum is accessible to non-members.

We have collectors who have interests in rare smurfs, normal smurfs, promo smurfs, fake smurfs, super smurfs, smurf comics, smurf cartoons, videos and dvd's, Kinder smurfs, raw smurfs, smurf variations, all smurf merchandise, in fact anything smurfy!

----------- A smurf a day keeps insanity at bay. -----------

PVC Reference Guide

This link will take you directly to the Blue Cavern PVC Reference Guide. The guide is a collaberation of our forum members and includes official Schleich Variations, Markings (with history) and also fakes sorted by the official Schleich numbers for each smurf.

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Muster Markings

Discussion on the smurfs with these marks.